Solutions for waterproofing Hydraulic structures
Fluid maintenance
Dams and seawalls
Irrigation canals and aqueducts
Water storage tanks and water towers
Sewage treatment plants
Water resistant
Elasticity and overlapping of cracks
Additives for concrete from Master Builders Solutions
The full package of solutions presented under the Master Builders Solutions brand includes concrete additives, materials for the construction of underground structures, protective and waterproofing systems, products for mounting equipment, and materials systems for industrial and decorative floors.
Our innovative MasterGlenium, MasterPolyheed and MasterRheobuild products have unique water-reducing properties and allow using the optimum quantity of additional components in the concrete (slag, fly ash, microsilica).
Contact waterproofing membrane MasterSeal 754
Waterproofing membrane MasterSeal 754 on the basis of a highly elastic polyolefin, providing a strong mechanical adhesion to concrete, does not require a protective screed.
Areas of use
• Foundations of deep buildings and all types of underground structures • Walls of buildings constructed using one-sided and two-side formwork
Ucrete polyurethane-cement coating   The most durable floors in the world
Ucrete polyurethane-cement coatings are an economical solution, thanks to the long service life, simplicity and speed of installation. This is a unique set of properties of a durable polyurethane-cement compound, thanks to which, Ucrete coatings have been successfully used for more than forty years in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.
Concrete repair solutions Recovery of bearing capacity
Most Master Builders Solutions products for repair and protection are certified according to local standards (GOST) and the European standard EN 1504, and many customers who decide in favor of these or other materials make their choice based on the requirements of these standards. The standard EN 1504 describes mandatory and optional test methods for products. The products we offer for the protection of concrete series MasterProtect are not only regulated testing, but also additional, which provides even more reliable protection of structures.
The characteristics of most of our repair compounds exceed the requirements of the standard EN 1504 - high adhesion to the substrate, resistance to weathering and frost resistance. All this provides the possibility of long-term operation even in very aggressive conditions.
Ready-made solutions for repair and construction of industrial buildings and structures:
Crane beams
Installation of equipment
Inspection well
MasterFlow®  Solutions for the installation of equipment, steel structures, wind turbines
Highly accurate assembly of equipment (gravity under the base plate) is the process of installing heavy units at the design level with the creation of a rigid link between the base plate and the foundation.
The carrying out of similar works, the special complexity of which is due to the large dimensions and weight of the assembled units, is impossible without the use of special high-strength non-shrinkable assembly structures. The use of assembly structures allows to significantly shorten the terms of construction and installation, since the daily strength of the material allows to continue the further installation of equipment (metal structures) with subsequent transfer of the load to the base.
MasterFlow® Chemical anchor systems
MasterFlow® chemical anchor systems
The Master Builders Solutions product portfolio includes a full line of chemical anchors under the MasterFlow brand, consisting of materials based on polyester, vinyl ether, epoxy acrylate resin without styrene and pure epoxy resin. MasterFlow chemical anchors are suitable for any application in any climatic conditions and meet all the requirements in the field of industrial and commercial construction. All our products are independently tested and approved for use in different countries and industries, as evidenced by the relevant protocols and certificates.