Master Builders Solutions Master Builders Solutions uses BASF's expertise, knowledge and extensive capabilities to develop solutions for the construction, repair and protection of structures. At the heart of the brand is the practice, accumulated as a result of more than a century of activity in the construction industry, our know-how and the knowledge of BASF specialists working all over the world. We offer proven products for solving complex problems. We cooperate with specialists from different regions and countries around the world, rely on the experience of implementing numerous construction projects, take into account the local needs of customers and the features of the facilities. All this contributes to the prosperity of the business of our partners and ensures the sustainable development of the construction industry. The full package of solutions presented under the Master Builders Solutions brand includes additives for concrete, materials for the construction of underground structures, waterproofing systems, materials for repair and protection of concrete, products for mounting equipment, materials for sealing joints, systems of materials for the device of industrial and decorative floors.